Lifestyle photographer for joy seeking, fun-loving and adventurous individuals, couples and families. 

At 5’3” I’ve always been looking up and soaking in everything the world has to offer, which is where my first inkling of photography inspiration emerged. I was often looking up at the night sky, tree canopies, mountains, and more because I wanted to understand them, to cherish them, and to remember them. I still look up, and now I look in - to the relationships you cherish. I behold your unique personality and connections through my camera, and help you remember the moments you don’t want to forget.

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Joy comes in many ways - jumping on the trampoline, walking hand in hand, eating your favorite dessert. I love creating space for joy during photo sessions.


My fondest moments with loved ones are laughing hysterically together. I rarely remember the joke or the reason, but I hold the feeling of joy and connection close.


No, not the New York Times game. Our lives are marked by many different kinds of connection and I love capturing the unique ways we share special moments with one another.


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Assistant, Drone Operator, Husband


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